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Bye-bye basketball

It’s a sad time for Menorcan basketball lovers. Menorca Bàsquet, the island’s team, ceased to exist last week because a lack of funds makes its presence at the top of Spain’s basketball league a luxury no politician, or sponsor, can afford. Menorca Bàsquet can now join that long list of those affected by the credit [...]

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The stuff of legends

There’s nothing like a little dose of mystery to turn an unassuming location into the place of legends. But in Menorca, the island’s practually overdosed on the stuff (although that doesn’t appear to have done the island too much harm). Having been passed through the hands of Romans, Carthaginians, Moors, Brits, French and endless other [...]

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Beach business

It’s May and I’ve already been to the beach several times. Admittedly, I haven’t been swimming out to distant bouys just yet, but it’s still warm enough to dig out a bikini and have a decent paddle without having to dash back for a towel after 10 seconds. And it’s not the fact that I’m [...]

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Homage to Ferreries

We had some bigwig visitors to Menorca yesterday, none less that the Minister of Public Works, Ana Pastor, who flew to the island with RyanAir (good to see that politicians are doing their bit to reduce Spain’s deficit) to cut a ribbon in Ferreries. You see, yesterday marked the day when Ferreries was cut off [...]

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Favourite things

May’s my favourite time of year to be on Menorca. For lots of reasons. This month marks the official start to the tourist season – although these days many hotels still don’t open until mid-month – and there are signs that summer is officially on its way everywhere. Piles of sunbeds and parasols appear on [...]

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Biannual birthdays

As if one birthday a year wasn’t enough, Spaniards somehow manage to get away with duplicating self-centred celebrations – with a get together when they come of age, and a second one when it’s their saint’s day. I was quite excited about this at first. My saint’s day, St George, is a good few months [...]

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Things that get washed up

North winds, well, winds blowing in any direction really, give Menorca’s coastline a good battering over the winter, so when you go for a walk on the beach, or venture up to the edge of a low-lying cliff, you spot all sorts of things that the sea has spat out onto the shore. I’m not [...]

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To do list

I’m a big fan of ‘to do’ lists. Simply writing down what I need to do, rather than actually getting on and doing it, is a great way to procrastinate. And it has the added benefit of making me feel incredibly organised. So it’s only natural that I should have a Menorca ‘to do’ list. [...]

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The peseta’s resurrection

Some things are sacred to Spaniards, and any suggestions to the contrary are not going to make you very popular. Don’t bother cracking a joke that insults their home town, or their mother, or that much-missed, and frequently lauded piece of metal: the peseta. Cast your mind back and you’ll remember it too – perhaps [...]

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Seasonal suffering

At first it seemed like a passing phase. A minor blip in Menorca’s gentle transition from blustery autumn to the warm winds of spring, just a few days of chill – a token gesture to winter – that would quickly be forgotten. But that was before we had two days (TWO!) of snow and what [...]

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