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Looking for water activities in Menorca?

If you are considering organizing an adventure getaway to Menorca, the attractive coastline of this island awaits you with countless surprises. Among them, a wide range of water activities to explore the Menorcan coastline with the incentive of adventure.

Are you ready for it? Here are some of the best water sports and activities you can do in Menorca!

1. Diving in Menorca: Dive in the most crystalline waters you will ever see.

Ready to dive for the first time in the waters of the island? One of the most suggestive aquatic activities for beginners and nature lovers. With the necessary equipment and after learning the basic diving techniques, you will be ready to discover the rich marine fauna in the depths of our waters .

These activities are carried out in several areas of Menorca and in various parts of the island. Here is a list of some centers for you to choose from.

2. Kayak excursion to Fornells, Es grau, Cala Morell, etc.

Excitement, nature and sport await you in this unique activity consisting of kayaking along the beaches of the coast of Menorca. Still not convinced?

This way, you will be able to explore virgin and inaccessible areas in large boats and see the marine fauna that inhabits different areas of Menorca.
It is also a great activity to do as a couple in Menorca and spend a different day.

3. Stand-up Paddle: Fun activity for all family

If you are attracted to curious sports, come and practice Paddle Surf in Menorca’s waters. You do not need any previous knowledge. In less than 1 minute you will master paddle surfing and you will be able to paddle calmly through different coves.

There are places in Menorca where you can rent the material for free and there are also different companies that carry out activities. We recommend that you take a guided activity to get to know places that you won’t get to know on your own.

4. Snorkeling activities:

If you do not dare to do an activity like scuba diving, we recommend snorkeling. They usually include a boat trip and snorkeling in different places in Menorca.

A cheaper activity for the whole family that will make you enjoy our waters.

5. Jet Ski Ride

If you like strong emotions, this jet ski ride along the coast of Fornells will not leave you indifferent. Fasten your safety vest and feel the adrenaline! The ride includes fifteen minutes of training for inexperienced people and an autonomous piloting.

Let yourself be guided by the guide that accompanies you and discover the landscape of Fornells from the sea. Glimpse the island Sargantana, the Tower of Defense of Fornells and the coves that bathe the bay before taking a refreshing dip in the one-hour mode.

If you are not convinced by these activities we leave you these others that you can do in Menorca: