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What to see in Es Mercadal, Menorca?

Located in the central part of Menorca, where all the roads of the island converge, the municipality of “Es Mercadal” is surrounded by rural estates that for decades have been a source of income through their agricultural lands and ramaderas.

Next to the biggest mountain of Menorca (“El Toro”) which is 358 meters high, is situated this small (booming) village in Menorca. Es Mercadal is breaking the duality “Ciutadella-Maó” knowing how to find its strengths thanks to its location.

In this village we can find small businesses dedicated to Menorcan handicrafts, where we will find people who continue to manufacture avarcas, which are typical sandals that were formerly used by people who worked in the countryside, now popular for their comfort and design. In addition to being the center of fairs and markets, due to its central location. In the village we find traditional buildings and streets with white houses where you can breathe tranquility.

If you are in Es Mercadal we leave you a few plans to do:

1. Go up to “el Toro” and visit the “Santuario Virgen del Toro”:

It is the highest point of the whole island of Menorca, on its summit is built the sanctuary of the Virgin of Monte Toro, built on a Gothic church in 1670.

How to get to “el Toro”?

To get to the Mountain you can go by:

  • Car: It takes about 5 minutes from Es Mercadal.
  • Bicycle: It takes half an hour but the climb is very steep.
  • On foot: It takes about 1 hour.

*All these routes from Es Mercadal. We do not know if there is a bus line connecting Es Mercadal with El Toro. If you know it, please let us know in the comments*.

From the top you can see the bay of Fornells, and even Mallorca (some days when conditions are right).

2. Visit “El Aljub”:

It is a system of rainwater harvesting for both human and animal use. By means of the canalization it transports the water to a reservoir where it will be used.

It was ordered to be built by Richard Kane, British governor (which gives its name to n’es “camí de’n Kane”), who saw the need to supply water for his troops in the course of Ciutadella to Mahón, thus also supplying the town of Mercadal.

Although it may not look like it, this military structure has the capacity to store 273,000 liters of water, enough to supply the population.

The water was collected by means of sloping channels from terraces, the galleries of the structure were in charge of keeping the water fresh.

3. Artisan Center of Menorca

The handicraft center of Menorca can be a very valid alternative when the day is not good, for example when it rains and you don’t know what to do.

Hours are Monday through Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and are free of charge.

If you like handcrafted pieces of jewelry, shoes, ceramics, etc. you will have a great time admiring the pieces of the master craftsmen.

4. Lose yourself in its streets:

In the end, the best way to get to know a town is to get lost in its streets and discover its most intimate corners. Es Mercadal is a very small town and easy to walk around.

In Menorca most villages are perfect to do this. Start walking aimlessly and when you are tired look for the central square, in this case, in the Carrer Major and have a good beer or soft drink in the sun at Ca’n Bep.

This bar has a huge terrace in this square and serves good value for money food.

5. Escape to “Sa Nitja” and “Far de Cavalleria”:

If you have a car and you are in “Es Mercadal” you have to get to the lighthouse of Cavalleria. You will get there “easily” because the path is clearly indicated. Of course, it is a narrow road, so drive with caution.

When you are about to reach the lighthouse, on the left you will see the port of sa Nitja. A small fishing port with very nice moorings. Perfect for the “Menorcan” postureo.

It is an ideal place to stop, take pictures and enjoy nature. We could write much more about this area of Menorca (one of our favorite areas), but you better see for yourself in this promotional video.

At the moment nothing more, we will update this article with other plans to do in “Es Mercadal”. If you do not know how to arrive we leave you a map of Menorca with the location of this small town that you will fall in love with.

We also leave you the best accommodations in Es Mercadal.

These are our recommendations to see in “Es Mercadal”. Do you miss any of them? Do you have any others that you repeat year after year? Tell us about it in the comments!