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What to do in Menorca with your couple? ¡10 essential plans!

Menorca lends itself to couple activities because of its incredible landscapes, its climate and its intimate and relaxing corners. Surely many of you are going to travel to Menorca with your partner and you are thinking about what to do in Menorca during those days that you have marked on the calendar for a long time. Relax, we have 10 essential plans.  Take a look at them all and if you have any more, post them in the comments!

1. Enjoy a quiet day at the beach.

Obviously, the first plan has to be to go to a beach with your partner. In Menorca you could spend months visiting beaches and you would never finish. Depending on where you stay or the distance you want to go to the beach, you can choose one or another, at the moment we put the best beaches to go as a couple, also say that the time of year is key. All these beaches during the summer season are usually quite crowded.

  • Cala Pregonda: To access this beach you have to walk a little, but it is worth it because it is in the north of the island, it is a true paradise. You also have the possibility of accessing from the sea with a boat trip from Fornells. All the information about Cala Pregonda here.
  • Cala Escorxada: In the south of the island this cove, little frequented and if you go with a partner to spend a quiet time is a good option since it is little crowded by people. You have to walk 1 hour to get to the beach, but it is worth it. You should bring what you need to spend the day because it has no service so rest is more than guaranteed.
  • Cala Presili: Also in the north of the island, to get there it is necessary to do a little bit of the well-known Camí de Cavalls.
  • Cala Macarella or Macarelleta: A beautiful cove in the south of the island, white sand, crystal clear waters, also ideal for a day at the beach. All the information about Macarella here.

2. Paseo en barco por la costa norte de Menorca:

pachira tours
“Pachira Tours” tours the Marine Reserve of the North of Menorca with its excursions.

In Menorca there are many companies that offer boat trips. There are companies in all the ports of the island and depending on your budget and availability you can choose from a multitude of options. We think that for couples the Pachira Tours option is ideal:

  • They depart from Fornells and usually go to Cala Pregonda. This is the best area in Menorca for boat trips and snorkelling as it is a protected marine reserve.
  • There are morning, afternoon and sunset excursions (once a week). The excursions last 3 hours and cost 35€/person.
  • It’s a very comfortable boat for an excursion and the local crew treats you wonderfully.

See More

If you are not convinced we leave you with this article with 10 companies that offer good boat trips in Menorca.

3. Enjoying a sunset: Sunset on a secret beach in Menorca.

Puesta de sol menorca
Sunset in a secret place in Menorca

If you are travelling as a couple, you can’t miss this romantic moment. The sunset will undoubtedly fill you with tenderness and make you forget all the bad moments. The sun sets in the west of the island, on the Ciutadella side, so the best places to watch the sunset, in our opinion, are:

  • Bar “Puesta de sol”: It is a bar situated in Cala’n Blanes (Ciutadella) in front of the sea ….. You will see the sun going down the horizon comfortably while you have a drink.
  • Punta Nati Lighthouse: This beautiful lighthouse built in 1912, due to the various shipwrecks that occurred on the coast of steep cliffs is easily accessible and only 7 kilometres from Ciutadella, ideal for, after watching the sunset, stopping in Ciutadella for a romantic dinner with your partner.  All the information about Faro Nati here.

4. An evening strolling around Ciutadella:

If you are travelling with your partner, a must is to have dinner somewhere special.  The gastronomic offer is excellent in Menorca. It is a territory with a high quality product, zero km.   There are many places where you can go for dinner with your partner in Minorca with incredible views, but in this case we suggest you not only go for dinner, but also visit the old town of Ciutadella, have dinner and then, if you want, go for a drink in the port of Ciutadella. If you are travelling in the summer months we recommend you arrive early in Ciutadella to be able to find parking, otherwise you can leave your car in the cemetery car park or on the outskirts of the old town. No matter how far away you leave it, it will be quicker to walk 10 minutes than to walk around the square des born with practically no chance of success. Where to have dinner in Ciutadella? We propose 4 restaurants with 4 types of food for you to choose from. Café el Balear: Practically the most famous restaurant in Ciutadella, local quality product. Ideal for eating lobster or fish stew. Puspaayu Burgers: New place in the Plaza dels Pins. Quality burgers with a very nice interior courtyard. El Pollo: Small restaurant where they serve very good Galician style tapas. Pizzeria La Roma: Probably the best pizzas on the island. After dinner you can walk through the narrow streets of Ciutadella, which have a spectacular charm, have an ice-cream and go to the port area. There you will find a lot of atmosphere in the terraces of the discotheques where you can have a mojito or a drink and end a nice evening. More information about what to do in Ciutadella

5. Diving in the crystalline waters of Menorca:

A good activity to do as a couple is to go snorkelling somewhere on the island. There is no shortage of options. You will be able to see the beauty of the island in its deepest depths and its aquatic diversity. You can do a “baptism” in one of the diving centres of Menorca or you can just do a simple snorkelling session, for us, it is enough to snorkel in one of these spots: Cala Morell: It is in Ciutadella, a spectacular place, although it is a “mini” port with a few boats there is a lot of life and for someone not used to snorkelling they can really enjoy the experience. Article with more information about Cala Morell. Binimel-la, Els Alocs, Cala Viola: All these beaches are within the Northern Reserve of Menorca and are well worth a visit. There is a lot of life.

6. Kayaking along the south coast:

Continuing with the water activities, another good option is to rent a kayak, so that we can enjoy this activity or be taught to use it in a more professional way, if you are adventurous you will surely like this activity. The best kayak excursions are:

  • In the Paya de Es Grau, in Maó, they rent kayaks and it is a good excursion. You leave from the beach of Es Grau and arrive at sa “illa d’en Colom”.
  • In the bay of Fornells there are also several kayak companies and you can go to the other side of the bay where there is a spectacular unspoilt area.
  • In Cala Galdana you can rent a kayak and go to Macarella or Trebalúger. These beaches are difficult to reach on foot.

Always remember to check the weather forecast before renting a kayak.


7. Horse riding along the “camí de cavalls”:

Menorca, with its equestrian tradition, has different companies that offer this activity. They are usually hourly routes, since these activities are usually in great demand among tourists who visit the island, if you know you are going to want to go horseback riding, book in advance to ensure a place. It is a different and not dangerous activity. Prices range from €30 to €70 depending on the hours of the route. If you are interested in we have different partner companies. Contact us for more information.

8. Hiking route along the Camí de Cavalls:

excursión por cami de cavalls Another good option to do with your partner, if you like walking and hiking or cycling, is to do some of the sections of the Cami de Cavalls. This is an old path that used to run along the whole island for coastal surveillance. This path is part of the island’s cultural heritage and is very well signposted. To reach some beaches such as “Cala Pregonda” you will have to walk along it for a stretch. We leave you the official website of the camí de cavalls so that you can choose the section you are most interested in. There is also a local company that helps you to make the return trip to Menorca along the Camí de Cavalls.

9. Relax in a spa:

If you are tired of so much nature, walking, hiking, etc. you can also opt for a massage and spa treatment with your partner. You will eliminate all the stress accumulated during your daily life and you will come out as good as new. In Menorca we have several places where you can go to relax.  There are different hotels with spa on the island. The most complete spa is the one in Cala Galdana, in the hotel “Artiem Audax” where you can relax in the best hands.

10. Getting lost in the white Binibeca:

  It is a small fishing village about 8 kilometres from Mahón. The village, completely restored, with its labyrinthine streets, where you can spend a pleasant time taking photos and enjoying the local architecture. At the entrance of the village you can find shops and a commercial centre where you can do some shopping. Also, near Binibeca you have the beach. These are our 10 favourite things to do as a couple in Menorca. But you, do you have any better plan? Comment!