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Macarella and Macarelleta coves

The beaches of “Cala Macarella” and “Macarelleta” are very famous in Menorca. According to Google searches, we would say that it is the most famous beach in South Menorca..

All the information about Cala Pregonda, the most famous cove in the north of Menorca.

Macarelleta, above all, has appeared in many “lists of the best beaches” of national and international media.

The turquoise color of its waters, its white sand and its vegetation make of these beaches a perfect example of “cove of the south of Menorca”.

How to get to Macarella?

There are different ways to get to Macarella. We remind you that it is 15km south of Ciutadella. The road to Macarella is well indicated throughout the town of Ciutadella.

  • By bus: *From June 1 to September 30 you can only get to the beach by bus.* Dueto the massification that had to reach Macarella creating security problems it was decided to create this bus line for the summer months. The truth is that it works very well. Obviously it is more convenient to take the car and go directly to the beach but when you get there you will be thankful that there are not as many people as there were 3 or 4 years ago. Tickets must be booked on this website:
  • Own vehicle: During the low season it is possible to arrive by own vehicle.
  • Walking from Cala Galdana or Cala’n turqueta: If you leave the car at either of these two beaches (much easier to leave the car in Cala Galdana) you can reach Macarella on foot. From Cala Galdana it is 5km. From Cala’n turqueta it is only 1.7 km but of a higher difficulty.
  • By Bike: You can reach Macarella (15km) by bike all year round.

How to get to Macarelleta?

When you have reached Macarella you must follow a small path located to the right of Macarella beach (facing the sea). A 10 minute walk along this path will take you to Macarelleta.

If you go from Cala’n turqueta by the Camí de Cavalls you will arrive earlier to Macarelleta.


Map of Macarella located in Menorca:

Services in Cala Macarella and Macarelleta:

There are no services in Macarelleta.

In Macarella we find:

  • A mythical beach bar (SUSY) where you can eat the typical beach bar dishes.
  • Garbage service: You can dispose of your garbage in the containers at the beginning of the beach.
  • Lifeguard: During high season, lifeguard service is available from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.